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We started White Rabbit Ice Cream with a simple goal in mind; to honor our curiosity and share our love for gourmet, small-batch ice cream with our community. After being in the food and beverage industry for well over a decade we were longing to join the thriving food truck and gourmet pop-up movement.

With this in mind, we began seeing ads everywhere for adorable and oh-so-instagram-able ice cream trucks – and then just like Alice who falls down the rabbit hole, we chose to follow our curiosity and the rest, as they say, is history.


Made In Edmonton

Obsessed with locally-sourced ingredients and unique flavour profiles, we are proud to be handcrafting premium ice cream on-site that brings out both the flavour and fun of Edmonton.


Community Focused

We want our shop to be a friendly neighbourhood spot; our goal is to create meaningful relationships with our community and a destination for delicious food that brings people together.


Rotating Menu

From year-round staples like London Fog, Vanilla and Mango Sorbet, to rotating menu selections like Milk Tea and Cap’n Crunch, there’s something for everyone at White Rabbit Ice Cream!

"We believe in using the
finest ingredients, sourced from local partners whenever possible, to bring you an authentic taste experience that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you craving for more."

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Locally Made

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, White Rabbit Ice Cream is committed to bringing our community artisanal small-batch ice cream made with locally sourced fresh dairy in a variety of fun and inventive flavors. We make all of our ice cream locally here in Edmonton.

We offer a rotating menu with a variety of flavors from classics such as Madagascar Vanilla to the more adventurous ones like Cap’n Crunch with Cereal Milk (and everything in between!).

we're curious

Why "White Rabbit"?

Because we know that the best artists and creators know the value of curiosity. Just like our namesake suggests we are dedicated to allowing that curiosity to inform our passion for bringing you the best ice cream experience possible. Come fall down the rabbit hole with us.

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Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet


Mint Chip

Milk Tea

Lemon Cake

Cookie Monster

London Fog

Chocolate Brownie


Treat yourself to the finest scoops of Alberta made premium Ice cream!

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