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White Rabbit Classics

Our classic ice cream flavors are like old friends, always there to lift your spirits and make any moment feel special.


Around here, we take our classics very seriously, which is why we took this classic favourite and elevated it with real Madagascar vanilla—churned until it's creamy and dreamy, complete with flecks of real vanilla bean.


Chocolate just makes everything better! Try our rich, fudgy chocolate made with decadent and creamy Valrhona chocolate. Get ready to be transported straight to chocolate nirvana with your first taste.

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A summer fave (but we love it year-round!), our Strawberry ice cream starts with a velvety sweet cream base and is packed to the brim with juicy strawberries. Fresh, sweet, and dreamy – just the way we like it.

London Fog

Made with high quality Earl Grey Tea from locally-owned Vintage Fork – we cold steep the tea for 36 hours to bring out its full flavor before churning it into a decadent, creamy treat. Perfect for tea lovers and the adventurous foodies alike!

Cookie Monster

C is for C-O-O-K-I-E! A true crowd-pleaser, our Cookie Monster is cookies and cream with our homemade cookie dough. Truly indulgent from start to finish!

chocolate brownie

You scream, I scream, we all scream for… brownies! Can’t get enough of this chocolatey baked treat? We whip up our rich chocolate ice cream and mix in homemade brownies. A chocolate lover's dream!

Mango Sorbet

Vegan Mango Sorbet

Loaded with ripe juicy mangoes, this refreshing sorbet is bursting with flavor. Perfect for hot summer days or any time you crave a sweet, fruity treat!

limited edition

seasonal flings

Our seasonal flavours sometimes change quicker than the Internet so best to follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest flavour updates!

Cap'n Crunch Cereal Milk

Made with your favorite breakfast cereal, Cap'n Crunch!

ube ice cream

Ube Honeycomb

Experience the magic of Ube Honeycomb, where the velvety richness of purple yam meets the delicate sweetness of honeycomb toffee.

White Rabbit Milk Tea

This flavor combines the nostalgic charm of White Rabbit milk candy with creamy milk tea.

vegan creamsicle

Vegan Creamsicle

Experience the refreshing delight of Vegan Creamsicle, crafted in our signature oat-coconut base. Dive into a symphony of citrusy sweetness and creamy indulgence.

Lemon Cookie

Savor the perfect balance of sweet and tangy in Lemon Cookie, combining the joy of bright and refreshing housemade lemon curd and buttery shortbread cookies.

Treat yourself to the finest scoops of Alberta made premium Ice cream!

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